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The Sunset Runway 5k logo at the Greater Binghamton Airport


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2018 Sunset Runway 5k

at the Greater Binghamton Airport

July 23rd, 2018 - (BINGHAMTON, NY) - The Sunset Runway 5K is a surefire evening of fun for everyone. Hosted at the Binghamton airport and presented by the Greater Binghamton Airport and Broome County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services, the run takes place on the tarmac itself which is a unique setting that also has an unrivalled view of Broome County.

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Broome County Executive, Jason Garnar, expressed his support for the Sunset Runway 5k.  He spoke about how the festival and airport’s event is a family friend, and exciting time where you can spend a great night out with family and friends where all can participate.  The Greater Binghamton community can run, walk, spectate, or even volunteer.


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According to the Broome County Director of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services, Matthew Francis Gawors, “Last year, 23% of participants were from outside the county making the event was a great welcoming experience and a wonderful way to show off the area to tourists.”

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            This is the second year for the Sunset Runway 5K, scheduled for August 11th, 2018, and the event is already on pace to increase participation from the first one. A total of 242 participants joined the run in 2017, and early registration is already up 29% from this point last year. The event itself will be held on August 11th, with registration opening up at 6:00pm at Hanger 2 and the race beginning at 7:30pm. Unlike last year, the race has been certified by USA Track and Field and is now an official 5K event. The race will also now feature Gazelle Timing using chip timers to have perfectly accurate finish times. Last year, John Salva (Kirkwood, NY) won the race in a time of 15:59.

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            Broome County Deputy Commissioner of Aviation Mark Heefner included that regardless of one’s level of running ability, the Sunset Runway 5K is an evening of fun, excitement, and gorgeous views. All participants will earn a commemorative t-shirt provided by Youngblood Screen Printer in Binghamton, New York as well a complimentary beer (provided they are over 21) from the Binghamton Brewing Company (Johnson City, New York).

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About the Sunset Runway 5k

The Sunset Runway 5k brings notice to the Greater Binghamton Airport. This race starts at 7:30. Participants run on the Runway Tarmac where runners and walkers will see a wonderful view of the Sunset over Broome County's contours. Race Timing, Music, and Beer included in the race experience. Runners and walkers get to run on Runway 16/34 and Runway 10/28.

Author: Matthew Francis Gawors


Address: 46 S Washington St, Binghamton NY 13903

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