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The Binghamton Area Trail Runners

Binghamton Area Trail Runners, Cayuga Trails 50 Miler, USATF, Underpass Station


Based on arch type, cushioning level, and pronation style shoe need to be fit or "matched" properly to specific feet.  Shoes have a finite life expectancy whether used or unused.  Under normal circumstances this means switching shoes every 300-500 miles or about 6 months of consistent wear.  If you work, laugh, play, and also run in shoes, this timeframe can be very different.  


I.e. Standing on your feet for 4 hours a day without any running = 6 month replacement time

The Bats Volunteers at
Cayuga Trails 50 miler & Marathon

The Binghamton Area Trail Runners (The BATS) volunteered at the Cayuga Trail 50 Miler & Marathon this weekend.  Cayuga Trails is a USA Track and Field 50 mile Championship race in Ithaca, New York that runs through Robert Treman State Park and Buttermilk Falls State Park.  Participants can also compete in a marathon race on Saturday.

At the Aid Station, The BATs provided everything to the participants from Salt Potatoes, to Watermelon, to Honey, to Hotdogs.  The BATs aid station is a tradition for the group.  They set up at the "Underpass" aid station which is located near the underpass of New York State Route 13 at the intersection of NYS Route 34.  Immediately after the aid station, participants are greeted with a creek crossing from Lick Brook where they can cool off and regain strength before continuing.


BATs administrator, Sarah Dobler, shared her appreciation on Facebook "I can’t thank my Binghamton Area Trail Runners enough for all you did to help out at our aid station today! Congrats, runners—you’re all amazing!"


The Binghamton Area Trail Runners have many group runs throughout each month.  They look to include anyone who has an interest to get off the road and onto the trails.  If you have any interest in joining them during one of their runs, please visit, check them out on Facebook, or join their Facebook group.  All are welcome!


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Cayuga Trails is put on by Red Newt Racing, a Northeast racing organization.  More information about the Cayuga Trails 50 mile championship and marathon can be found at


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