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Based on arch type, cushioning level, and pronation style shoe need to be fit or "matched" properly to specific feet.  Shoes have a finite life expectancy whether used or unused.  Under normal circumstances this means switching shoes every 300-500 miles or about 6 months of consistent wear.  If you work, laugh, play, and also run in shoes, this timeframe can be very different.  


I.e. Standing on your feet for 4 hours a day without any running = 6 month replacement time


Confluence Running is a place to improve health, fitness, and performance for both athletes and beginners alike.  Confluence Running takes a well balanced approach in guiding athletes to reach their top performance.  It is Confluence Running’s mission to educate athletes, promote health, and create a protected and inclusive community for athletes to thrive and improve in.  Whether you are a beginner athlete, elite competitor, or non-athlete stepping into the sport of Running to shed a few pounds, Confluence Running will provide strong motivation and support for your Running needs.


Intimidated by "serious runners?"  Most serious runners started their training to lose weight, support a cause, or just be more social.  Serious running does not equal fast.


  • The "serious runner" is the runner who runs once a week consistently.

  • The "serious runner" is the runner who encourages others to begin & enjoy running

  • The "serious runner" is the runner who strives to use running to support the community



All our loyal customers get a $15 Gift Card for every $150 they spend.  Essentially a 10% discount throughout the entire store!   The loyalty program can not be used in conjunction with other special discounts and offers (student & referral discounts).  Sale items can be included in the loyalty program.  



We set our prices at the lowest allowed by industry UMAP Manufacturers which will be seen at ALL online and brick and mortar stores across the board.  We match the average lowest price of online shoes to our Sale Shoes (previous models) and appreciate when you make us your first stop for new shoes!



We look to support and promote local businesses in the area.  A bigger portion of your receipt will stay in the local community which allows for stronger sustainability in the Binghamton Area.  Buy Local


Jenna has been part of Confluence Running since 2013, starting out as part of Team Confluence and then continuing on as part of the staff and eventually as the Marketing Manager.  

Jenna is a USATF-certified running coach, a ITCA-certified triathlon coach and is also a certified Sports Injury Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Coach.

In adition to her coaching and her own personal training regimin, Jenna spends time chasing her 3 adorable children.  In her spare time, Jenna organizes Herald of Victory Marathon, Parade Day Mile, and Southern Tier Cross Country Series.  She also is a race consultant for several local 5ks.

Jenna's favorite shoe is the Saucony Freedom.


Chris is our floor manager here at Confluence Running.  Hehas been running for 25+ years. He started with Cross Country in High School then went into the United States Army upon graduation. Chris has been a member of the Triple Cities Runner's Club for the past 10 years, serving as a TCRC Board Member since 2011, currently serving as club President since 2014. Chris is also a USATF Certified Coach for ESR Endurance Training. Chris co-directs for Catharine Valley Half Marathon for Red Newt Racing.

Chris's favorite running shoe is the Topo ST-2.


Matt has been with Confluence Running since the beginning, starting with organizing the store and later becoming the owner of Confluence Running.


Having been running for over 20 years as well as having trained professionally as a triathlete, Matt is also a professor in Binghamton University's Health and Wellness Department.  He also one of the founders of the Herald of Victory Marathon as well as a number of other local races and is a certified running and triathlon coach.  Matt is an active member of the local running clubs, both Triple Cities Runners Club where he is a board member and Binghamton University Running Club where he is a founding member.

Matt's favorite shoe is the Scott Kinabalu.

Gaby has been with Confluence since 2016. She's been running for 2 years and just finished her first marathon. She is a PhD student at SUNY Binghamton.

She joined Confluence to do work on her MA thesis on how the experience of endurance training creates community. Her favorite part of running is training for an event. and hills. and track workouts.  


Her favorite shoe is the Hoka Clifton.

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