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Runners run (& walk) away with Major Swag at The Leftovers Fun Run

Video By Ray Fryc, Edited by Confluence Running

Pictures by Ray Fryc

September 14th, 2018 – (Owego, NY) Runners from across the Southern Tier and Northern Pennsylvania gathered at The Farmhouse Brewery in Owego for the first ever Leftover Fun Run put on by the Triple Cities Runner Club and the Southern Tier Running Club.

The Leftover Fun Run was conceived to answer the question, “What happens to all the leftover medals, shirts, mugs, and SWAG from race day?” Well, run directors Susan Cain and Raymond Fryc answered that they sit in your basement untouched. Until today. Participants had 30 minutes to make their way around the mile course as many times as possible. Each time you passed the Owego Post Office you could grab one piece of leftover race swag. T-Shits, tank tops, hats, mugs, and water bottles were donated by both running clubs, Hats, bottle openers, and wooden awards were donated by NEWBSANITY, Sweatshirts and Fleece Jackets were donated by the Halloween 13k in Endicott, NY, Giftcards and shirts were donated by the Vestal Coal House, Pint Glasses were donated by Confluence Running, Pillows were donated by NuWaka Fashion Design Studio, and many other pieces of swag were donated from races in throughout the southern tier.

All runners left with multiple pieces of race swag and a smile. Front Runner Jasper Suhr, of the Binghamton University Running Club completed 5 laps in the 30 minute time frame leaving him with Swag including a Hat and bag from the STRC Trail fest, a sweatshirt from the Halloween 13k, and socks from the Beers and Beast 8k.

After the Run, Participants enjoyed a free Beer from FarmHouse Brewery, Pizza from Original’s Bar and Lounge, and rocked out to the Tijuana Danger Dogs!

All proceeds and donations from the evening will go toward the TCRC/STRC shoe program, which provides training shoes and spikes for modified and high school runners that have an economic need.

Raymond Fryc is a runner from Binghamton New York. He is an instructor at Binghamton University as well as the community coordinator for Confluence Running & the Triple Cities Runners Club. Ray loves to encourage new runners to continue running, even when it gets hard. Ray is from Utica New York. One of his favorite races is the Boilermaker 15k and he is currently training for the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach.


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