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Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice 5k Raises Over $10,000

Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice 5k Raises Over $10,000

October 21st, 2018 - (MARATHON, NY) – Legal aid runners and walkers lined up on the Court Street Bridge this morning for the Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice 5k. The race began at 11am. The course followed the Binghamton Santa Run course, which occurs in December each year. The USA Track and Field Certified 5k [NY14058JG] creates a clockwise loops that heads south on Front Street, onto Riverside, Beethoven, main street, and finishes back on the Court Street Bridge. The Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice 5k raised $10,000 to support those in need of civil case attorneys since direct funding only provides enough support for 20% of the total case load. Race Director Arlene Sanders, Legal Aid Society Executive Director Paul Lupia, and Coughlin & Gerhart Managing Partner Mark Gorgos graciously spoke about today's community event.

"There's many who find themselves in need of a lawyer who can't afford one. That's what this race is all about"

-Mark S. Gorgos Esq.

Confluence Running: Talk to us about the Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice 5k

Arlene Sanders [Race Director]: Thanks for being here today. We’ve had a great turnout today, October 14th at the Peacemaker Stage for the Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice to benefit Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York. Legal Aid serves 13 counties including Broome [County]. And we are just so pleased to have, not just only such a great turnout but our community partner here which is the Binghamton Vet Center. We have 15 people just from the Binghamton Vet Center alone. We actually partner with them on a lot of free legal programs for veterans in the area. We love working with them and we’re just so excited to have their support.

We have a lot of phenominal sponsors here today, Confluence Running of course one of our top sponsors. And a really great selection of gifts and prizes for all of our runners. We even have team awards this year. This is our first year actually doing a team award for walker teams. So we have a runner team award, walker team, and then of course our age group awards, and our top three male/female runners.

Very exciting day, great turnout. We thank everyone for their support. I have my Executive Director here to say a few words: Paul Lupia.


Paul Lupia: The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York serves 13 counties, ranging from the South end here in Binghamton in Broome County going up to Jefferson County, as far east as Herkimer County, as far west as Cayuga County.

We serve people who cannot afford an attorney in civil matters. So for example, if you’re faced with a foreclosure, if you are a victim of domestic violence and need help with a divorce, if you’ve been denied a public benefit such as social security, we’re the law firm and the agency that can try to provide you with an attorney.

The funding only allows us to represent only about 20% of the people who need our services. It’s through events like [the Race for Justice], we’re able to try to close that gap and serve more people who are in desperate need of our services.

Today was a wonderful day. Lots of support from the community. We really appreciate it very much. It’s going to help us provide services here in Broome County.


Mark Gorgos: So we’re here at the Race for Justice, another great event. Seems like we always have terrific running events and great weather. I’m Mark Gorgos with Coughlin and Gerhart. We’ve been a proud sponsor of this event. I think since its inception, 5 or 6 years.

This is an important race for us and for the community. You know we take justice in this country for granted but we really shouldn’t. There’s many who find themselves in need of a lawyer who can’t afford one. That’s what this race is all about. It’s designed to give public awareness and also fundraising to the Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York.

They can provide funding and attorneys for those, who really truly need them. It just shouldn’t be for those who can afford them. It really should be for everyone in this country and Coughlin & Gerhart has been a proud supporter and we’ll be back again next year doing it all over again. Hope to see you in 2019 and we’ve had a great time here today. A great fall day here in October.



Mail: 46 S Washington St, Binghamton NY 13903


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